Saturday, April 30, 2011

mark. mother's day ideas!

Looking for the perfect gift for mother's day or a spring/summer birthday? 
I'm here to help, with some great gift options at a variety of prices!
Ibiza Sol Color & Fragrance Collection - $40
This collection is such a great deal, since these products retail for $56!
The entire Ibiza Sol line is so fun & current, any mom would love it.
In this set, you get the Ibiza Sol fragrance, 2 mini nail polishes, a lip gloss, 
eye shadow stick, and bronzing powder (shades shown only)!

Color Cluster Ring - $16
Itty Bitty Pretty Earrings Set $18
These adorable jewelry pieces are perfect for spring, and look great together!
They will be a unique gift option, since they aren't available to the public until May 20! Message me to order them now and have them in time for Mother's Day!

m.powerment collection
Have A Heart Necklace - $22
Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in m.powerment shades - $6 each
Linked To My Heart Bracelet - $30
Gifts that give back! Women ages 16-24 experience the highest rates
of partner violence, and mark. wants to change that statistic!
The net proceeds from all of these items go to m.powerment by mark,
which is dedicated to breaking the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence 
by awarding grants to organizations which share this mission. 
So far more than $400,000 has been raised and awarded  for 
education and prevention programs in the communities all over the country! 

Lauren Conrad (former brand ambassador for mark.) 
raised $50,000 for m.powerment on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!
It was a special 1 question celebrity edition, filmed in 2009. 
Her question just happens to be appropriate now, with a certain high-profile wedding that recently took place ;)

 Citrus Bloom Collection - $15
The Last Chance section of my eBoutique is a great place to find
items you can use to build a gift set at an amazing price!
Citrus Bloom is a popular fragrance that has to move over to make room
for newer mark. fragrances like Ibiza Sol & White Vetiver, 
so you can stock up now before it's gone!
Get the fragrance, body lotion, and a mini bottle of 
the fragrance in hook up form so you can take your scent with you!

Super Juicy Gift Set - $15
A $25.50 value, this set includes a petite cosmetic bag
and 3 of our wildly popular Juice Gems fruit flavored lip glosses!
It includes flavors Papaya, Honeydew, and (my favorite!) Snow Peach.
This is the perfect gift for a lip gloss junkie, or get a couple to 
separate and have cute, inexpensive gift options on hand!
This set is also unavailable to the public until May 20, but you can 
message me to order it now & get it early!

I'm offering free gift packaging on any of these gift ideas, or
if you find yourself in a pinch closer to Mother's Day, 
I can put together a custom gift set for you of several mark. items I have on hand!

or message me to pre-order the jewelry or lipgloss set!
Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

best of the web!

So for today's post, I thought I'd share some of my favorite websites! I love online shopping, especially when I can find great deals! I'm also a total font junkie, and I love anything crafty! Here are some of my favorite online haunts!
Whenever I'm looking to shop online, I start at ebates! They give cash back on your online purchases when you start there and click their link to the site you want to shop at! So far, I've just used it when I'm placing my mark. orders (4% cash back there!), and I have $121 in cash back coming already! They pay quarterly, either by sending a check or depositing via paypal. The percentage of cash back you get varies by each site, but some of the sites I'm definitely going to take advantage of the cash back on are zulily (3.5% - see below!), The Children's Place (3%), Target (3%), Birthday Express (7.5% - see below!), Vistaprint (5% - see below!), and Barnes & Noble (6%)! Plus, ebates has a Daily Double program, where each day there's a different site that earns you double the cash back if you shop that day! They also have a referral program; when you give your friends your personalized link & they make a $25 purchase at any participating site, you earn an extra $5! The more friends you invite, the bigger the benefits get. I've found ebates super easy to use, and free to join - the hardest part is just remembering to start there & check if the site you're wanting to shop at participates!
Another recent favorite of mine is zulily, the site where you find different deals for moms, kids, and babies every day! Zulily works with fabulous brands to offer limited-time, limited-quantity sales, and offers up to 90% off! Each sale lasts 72 hours or while supplies last, and you can find anything from baby shower gifts to home decor to clothing & accessories for mom, kids, or baby! My favorites so far have been Spanx, Laura Ashley home decor, Ed Hardy, and several brands selling scarves or headbands! Zulily is another easy to use, free to join site, where I think the best part is going every morning and seeing what the new sales are! They also have a wonderful referral program, where if you give your friend your personalized link, you'll receive a $15 store credit after their first purchase ships! Remember to click through from eBates to get your 3.5% cash back on your zulily purchases!
Amanda's was the first blog I ever started following! She's such a creative woman, and I love all her blog posts with recipes, photography info, travel stories, and her favorite things. She had a few blog posts about NYC that totally kept me motivated when I was earning the mark. dream trip! I'll definitely be hitting up a few of the bakeries she mentioned - the photos of cupcakes they sampled are simply mouthwatering!Amanda also offers fantastic free fonts; both creative & funky scrapbooking fonts, and "fonts for peas" which she creates from handwriting samples her readers send in! A couple more of my favorite sites for free fonts are sugar frog fonts and miss tiina!

Two Classy Chics Blog
Since starting my own blog, I've been much more interested in following other blogs, and another wonderful one I've found is from Shelly & Chris over at Two Classy Chics. They are product review bloggers, and host giveaways of really awesome products. I sent a few mark. products to Shelly for review, and she & her daughter loved them! Shelly wrote a glowing review, which you can read here. Make sure you also enter the giveaway - one lucky reader will win a mark. prize package valued at $44! I love reading about the products these two ladies review, and the chance to win the products makes it even more fun! Right now I'm entered to win an adorable apron from Flirty Aprons, and they also have lots of other current giveaways including cookbooks, workout dvds, wind chimes, and kids PJs!
I love vistaprint for business supplies! I've been subscribed to their email newsletter for awhile, and just recently made my first purchase during one of the great sale offers they had! I got return address labels, postcards, wallet calendars, reward cards, and a banner all for around $20! I love the designs you can pick from, and I'll be watching for an offer of free product label stickers so I can get some little stickers for my mark. products or magalogs! They have such a great variety of designs and products, it's pretty cool that I can get supplies for my beauty business from the same place my hubby gets supplies for his construction company! Make sure to start at eBates when you shop here to get your 5% cash back!

Birthday Express
I've always loved party planning, and Birthday Express is the best site I've found with themed party supplies! They have tons of themes to choose from for boys or girls, fast shipping, and if you join their mailing list, the back of each catalog has coupon codes for discounts on your orders! So far I've done cupcake, MN Vikings, Thomas the Tank Engine, and John Deere themes, and I'm really excited to start planning Brody's 4th birthday (omg - 4?!?) and Brett's 2nd birthday parties. Even better is that I'll get 7.5% cash back on the orders now, through eBates!
If you're a fan of The Bachelor, like me, this will become one of your favorite go-to sites as well! Reality Steve is a blogger with inside info on all things Bachelor-related, and I personally love watching the shows more when I know how it's going to end! I found that I got too emotionally involved watching certain guys/girls go home, so this way I know what's going to happen and it's much more fun to watch! But if you don't want the ending spoiled, don't go to his site, haha!
Of course I can't do a post about my favorite websites without mentioning mark! This link will take you right to my eBoutique, where you can order the lastest in beauty & fashion from mark. and your products will come right to your door! My favorite mark. sites though are the ones for reps - the groups on facebook, and the rep forums! We get sneak peeks of upcoming products and share selling tips and ideas with each other. I count fellow mark. reps  as some of my best online friends! If you'd like more information on becoming a mark. rep, feel free to message me through facebook or my eBoutique! To join now, go to and use referral code 136 to join the team with my awesome mentor, Erica!

I hope you liked reading about my favorite websites, and I'd love to hear about some of yours! I love finding new favorite sites or blogs, so feel free to comment & share! Thanks for reading :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Partying for NYC!

 I've had a crazy successful time with mark. lately, and just wanted to share! Last month, I had 4 wonderful ladies agree to host mark. parties for me, to help me in my efforts to earn a mark. dream trip - attending the national sales meeting in New York City!

The parties all ended up being scheduled for the same weekend, so I was in total mark. party mode with daily parties Thursday through Sunday! One of my favorite parts of the party process is planning - I love to choose games, refreshments, and themes that my customers will enjoy, and that will give each party a slightly different feel! 

The first party happened to land on St Patrick's Day, so I made really yummy chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream icing! After a party turn-out of only 2 guests that night, my party hostess, Katie, made it her mission to collect outside orders to help make my goal! <3

Next up was Perfect For Prom, a party to help hostess Kylie and her friends find the perfect make up looks for prom and for everyday! The fun games were the highlight of this party, and I had a blast watching the girls design prom dresses in 5 minutes, using only 1 roll of toilet paper & 5 pieces of tape!

Saturday was a housewarming party for Tasha, and she went all-out with the party food! Her taco salad was incredible, and tons of her family & friends were super supportive in helping me reach my sales goal!

Last up was Amanda's party, with the theme mark. & the City! (Special thanks to fellow mark. rep Melissa, who came up with this cute theme!) This party, based off Sex & The City, focused on fashion and fun, with cosmos, mocktails, pink cupcakes, and a game where party guests looked at photos of purses and had to guess if they were mark. purses or expensive designer bags!

The end result of all this partying involved placing 50+ separate mark. orders for my friends, family, and party guests! I had to snap a picture when UPS delivered 36 boxes to my door one morning!


Brody, my 3 year old son, had fun building & knocking down the tower of boxes, and my wonderful hubby helped out by unpacking each box and organizing the products for my customers!

 I have to credit my favorite show, Glee, with keeping my eyes on the prize - their version of the song Empire State of Mind is my cell phone ringtone & I think I've watched the youtube clip of the song daily since early March!


All my hard work with the parties was rewarded as I found out that I had the top sales in magalog 3 in my mentor group! We had a meeting with our mentor, Erica, and regional manager, Robin, where it was announced that I also had magalog 3 top sales in the entire Midwest! And as if that wasn't enough, last night on the mark. national conference call, I found out that I'll be receiving the new Patched Up Bag as a reward for being the top selling rep for magalog 3 in the NATION! Huge thank you's go out to my family, friends, and customers for helping me achieve these incredible heights, I couldn't have done it without all of you! Not bad for a small-town Minnesota girl!

A few weeks after the parties, I was having such a hard time waiting patiently for the official announcement of the winners of the NYC dream trip. I got a little teaser call from Charlene in the NYC offices, when she called to congratulate me on my outstanding sales for magalog 3! It was such a cool feeling to get that phone call from her, but I couldn't help feeling a little bummed that she wasn't also calling with the news on the trip! But the next week, I got the phone call I had been waiting for - Elena from mark. corporate called to give me the official news that I had earned the dream trip in NYC! 

Here I am sharing a slice of NY Cheesecake with fellow MN dream trip winners, April & Melissa! I'm so excited to be heading to NYC with these amazing ladies and 44 other awesome mark reps! May 19 can't come soon enough - the anticipation is driving me crazy! 

Once again, thank you SO much to my customers, friends, and family for helping me achieve these incredible accomplishments! 

I'd love to get some more mark. parties on my calendar - comment below or message me on facebook if you'd be interested in inviting some friends over to play with mark. products and earn some free gifts for yourself at the same time!

Coming soon...
mark. Mother's Day gift ideas
Shelly @ Two Classy Chics blog review of a few favorite mark. products!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Destination: Ibiza!

Fall in love with mark. and get swept away to a magical place in the Mediterranean - an exotic island off the coast of Spain. Its Euro-chic lifestyle is at your fingertips. Feel the sand under your feet, the sun on your face, and the vibrancy of an island that never sleeps - by day a sun-drenched paradise, by night a playground for the glamorous!

This year's Instant Vacation collection from mark. is Ibiza Sol, and it's my favorite one yet! I loved the fragrance from the very first time I smelled it, so tropical and fresh! Ibiza Sol Fragrance Mist includes the following 'notes' that help make up the scent: Seville orange blossom, island tangerine, scarlet bougainvillea, honeysuckle, Mediterranean prickly pear, white geranium, sun musk, and blue Mediterranean palm. This is a limited-time fragrance, available this summer only, so make sure you snap it up while you can!

The Ibiza Sol collection also includes a new 2 pack of Nailed It trend mini lacquer, marbleized lip gloss, and marbleized eye shadow sticks! A great way to experience the entire Ibiza Sol collection is with the Ibiza Sol Color & Fragrance Collection, a $56 value that is offered in Magalog 5 for $40! If you'd like to get a jump on the trend, I'm taking pre-orders of this set through April 21, and you can get it through me at the discounted price of $35!

The Ibiza Sol Color & Fragrance Collection includes:
  • Ibiza Sol Instant Vacation Fragrance Mist ($18 value)
  • Ibiza Sol Marbleized Eye Shadow Stick in shade Aqua Deep ($10 value)
  • Ibiza Sol Marbleized Lip Gloss in shade Chica Coral ($9 value)
  • Ibiza Sol Nailed It Trend Mini Lacquers ($7 value)
  • Glowdacious Illuminating Powder in shade Shimmied Up ($12 value)

The marbleized eye shadow stick is my new favorite eye make up!  Each stick has 2 shades swirled together, so when you apply it, you can either hold the pencil steady to use just one shade at a time, or turn the stick as you apply it to get a marbleized look on your eyelids!

The shade on top is when i used just the blue shade of the pencil, and the bottom is swirled! I'm also wearing Ibiza Sol Nailed It lacquer in Mojito on my fingernails.

New mark. fashion items premiering in Magalog 5 include aviator sunglasses, a maxi dress, and wedge sandals!

It's A Long Story maxi dress has already sold $1 million while only available to reps! It is $34, comes with removable halter straps, and is very stretchy & flowy. This dress looks great whether on a size S or size XXL!

These Aviator Shades are such an incredible value at only $14! Every rep I've seen them on looks like a celebrity! On the last mark. national conference call, Jeanine from mark. corporate told us she was stopped on the street of NYC and asked about them. When she said they were mark. the person replied "you mean Marc Jacobs?!" 

And lastly, these are the shoes I'm going to live in this summer! The Stacked Up Sandals are $38 and come in whole sizes 6 - 10. (Half sizes are recommended to go a size up). These shoes are lightweight and comfortable, with a 1 1/2" platform and 4 3/4" heel. I love how mark. provides a designer feel at a fraction of the cost - similar wedges from Jimmy Choo are $825!

I hope you've enjoyed this preview of some of what's to come from mark. this summer! As always, feel free to call, email, or contact me on facebook with any questions or to order! The Ibiza Sol collection will be available in my eBoutique starting on April 22!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hook up with mark.

Welcome to my blog: making my mark! I'm new to the world of blogging, so please bear with me as I get accustomed! I wanted to have a place to share my love for mark. cosmetics, through reviews, news about specials, and giveaways! Check back often for your chance to win!

I thought I'd start out by talking about one of the iconic, core products from mark. - hook ups! Hook ups are a double-ended make up tool, letting you connect 2 items on one stick. You can choose from lipgloss, mascara, liquid liner, perfume, make up brushes, a mini tweezer, and even skincare! When you buy 2 hook up products, you get the connector free! 

Hook ups are some of my favorite mark. products, because they are so convenient, there's such a variety to pick from, and they are sized perfectly to take with you. My personal favorite hook ups include Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in shade Pink Crush, Glow Baby Glow Luxe lip gloss in shade Flirty Luxe, Get Clearance, Just Tweezing, and the hook up brushes. I also love the Mini Mark It Stick for eyes in shade Shell for a quick eyeshadow application on the go!

To kick off my new blog, one lucky reader will win a Glow Baby Glow lip gloss and a Mini Mark It Stick for eyes in their choice of shades, plus a hook up connector!

Comment on this post & tell me the name of your favorite mark. product, or you can tell me you haven't tried mark. products yet. You must comment before midnight central time on Sunday, April 10 to be entered. For an additional entry, 'like' Trisha's mark. cosmetics on facebook and comment there with your entry! I'll announce the winner on Monday, April 11! USA only. Good luck :)

To learn more about hook ups or any of mark's other great products, you can 'like' Trisha's mark. cosmetics on facebook, or browse my eBoutique! You can use promo code WELCOME to get free shipping on your first order!