Friday, October 21, 2011

autumn obsessions!

I'm loving this weather we're having in Minnesota, I think fall is my favorite season! Today I dyed my hair brown again for the fall, and I've been browsing kid crafts & snacks, home decor, and beauty ideas for autumn too. I've put together a list of some of my autumn obsessions from around the internet, cute things that I definitely want to try this season!

Starting with the crafts & snacks for kids - I think I might go with a mummy theme this year for my boys! Their Halloween costumes are already here waiting for them (Brody's going to be Lightning McQueen from Cars, and Brett's going to be a puppy) but their favorite Halloween book is this one:

And when I was browsing for Halloween crafts & food ideas, I found these adorable cupcakes and mummy pizzas, so I think this is a shoo-in for our Halloween meal this year!

(instructions for the mummy pizzas are here and the cupcakes are here!)

I made mummy hotdog wraps for Brody's 2nd Halloween, along with graveyard brownies! Last year's Halloween meal was tomato soup and ghost toast (grilled cheese) with eyeball mini donuts!

(Leave a comment if you'd like instructions for any of these!)

On to crafts! These first 2 ideas came from a e-newsletter from, called 100 Days of Holidays. I've been subscribing to this newsletter for a couple years now, and it's awesome! It's a daily newsletter from before Halloween through Valentines Day, I believe. 

A Pumpkin Marquee, made with an apple corer.

Super adorable Candy Corn Wreath!

Good Housekeeping also has some adorable ideas:

Pumpkin Picture Frames - how adorable are these?!

Last but not least, my favorite place to find gorgeous pumpkin ideas has been Lauren Conrad's website! 

My hands-down favorite, lace covered pumpkins, from Lauren's 10 Pretty Pumpkins post!

Chalkboard painted pumpkins! 

 Pumpkin Candy Dish

and mini pumpkin vase, both from another Tuesday Ten List.
My only wish is that she would post how-to's for all the gorgeous ideas!

Speaking of Lauren Conrad, here are some halloween beauty ideas from her!
Halloween manicures!

And the adorable Candy Corn Manicure, which she does have instructions for!!!

Rounding out my favorites post, if I dress up for Halloween this year, it will definitely be with this gorgeous mermaid make up tutorial by Blair Fowler! (I have a serious mermaid obsession...)

If you haven't heard yet, Blair & Elle Fowler are teaming with mark. to find Miss Glambitious 2011! Check out the Meet Mark tab at for the details!

Thanks for reading! If you have any Halloween crafts or plans you'd like to share, I'd love to see them! :)

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